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TogetherMade started with a passion for building craft projects with our kids.  Over the years our kids have consistently shown an interest in crafting / woodwork, but we didn’t always have the project concepts or materials in hand when we had a willing participant.  The idea with TogetherMade is to provide you with everything you need to make fun, beautiful projects with zero prep and no trips to the hardware store - You just find the time and get down to business.

We founded this company to help teach our kids how to run a small business doing something you love, but also to create something that helps improve the lives of others and our community (read about our partnership with Issaquah School District's ACT program).

We want these projects to help you bond with your kids and to inspire creativity, confidence and pride in workmanship.  We want to help kids in this digital first age experience and learn more about traditional crafts and for everyone to find joy in working with their hands.  For every project we sell, we'll also be donating a project to a child in need.

As the development has progressed we also think these projects are going to find a home in the hearts of many adults.  Our goal is to enable you and/or your kids to make heirloom quality goods that you want to interact with and share with others.  We want these projects to be worn, played with, carried, shown to friends, left on coffee tables and to be part of your life.  We want your friends to say “You made that, really? That’s so cool”.  The feeling of making something you love is inspiring.  We will regularly release new projects that introduce new concepts, complexity, tools and skills - sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on new projects and developments.

Our projects are designed and manufactured in-house with hand selected / top-grade materials.  All projects come with detailed step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process - you get to  build / saw / sew / finish / create.   

We also love tools!  As part of our projects, we’ll offer an optional pairing of high quality tools that you’ll use around the house and on future projects.  We put a lot of time and thought into these selections and have been working hard on sourcing to keep prices reasonable.

This work is good for the mind and soul of adults and kids alike, we hope you love these projects as much as we do.

Thanks for being part of our TogetherMade adventure!

Jeb & Kellie Haber




PO Box 490
Fall City, WA