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TogetherMade Lumberjack Wallet Kit
TogetherMade Lumberjack Wallet Kit
TogetherMade Lumberjack Wallet Kit

TogetherMade Lumberjack Wallet Kit

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This little wallet project packs a lot of fun and new skills.   This kit contains all you need to saddle stitch, burnish the edges with your own leather slicker & oil the wallet to give you an AWESOME finish and protective coat.  The leather is Wicket & Craig Veggie Tanned Skirting in 6 OZ - it is beautiful to start with and looks incredible with the neatsfoot oil.

This has been my daily carry wallet for the past month or two and I love it!  Simple small, clean.  Holds 4-8 cards easily.  The design on the front is a vintage chainsaw derived from a picture taken by Springfield, OR photographer Ron Dobrowski.  It's awesome.

You know a project is a winner when all three of our kids (9,12,14) wanted to make one the minute they saw the first prototype.

Project Time: 45-90 Minutes

Contains: Leather Parts, Waxed Poly Thread, Harness Needles (2), Custom Made Wooden Leather Slicker, Sandpaper, Vial of Tragacanth Gum (burnishing agent), Vial of 100% Pure Neatsfoot oil, Wiping Cloths

Shipping now in the dark brown color on the right - lighter "russet" coming soon...

Awl Optional: This is a handy tool for opening up the holes to make the sewing easier - not necessary, but nice to have particularly with little ones.

Designed & Manufactured and Hand Packaged in Fall City, WA - USA

Contains small parts - not recommended for children under 3.  See full product warning prior to assembly