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Christmas Ornament Project

Christmas Ornament Project

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Bow saw XMAS ornament.  I love this little guy - reminds me of hitting the tree farm on a cold day with all the kids and my favorite wool flannel.  These bow saws are the mainstay of the xmas tree farm so we thought it fitting for our first ornament project.

Approx 2"x1"...

Cute, simple, use the leftover stain from your woodsman or keepsake box kits to finish or order with the stain kit.  Includes the bow-saw parts, pre-cut pins and suede lace to hang the ornament. 

Simply hammer the pins into the holes, sand if you want & then stain.

The optional stain kit includes two colors of OSMO wood wax oil and a couple of q-tips to apply the stain.  One kit will do several of the ornaments so if you are making more than one you probably only need to order one stain kit...

Designed & Manufactured and Hand Packaged in Fall City, WA - USA

Contains small parts - not recommended for children under 3.  See full product warning prior to assembly