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Pathfinder Collection

The Pathfinder Collection began as a three way collaboration between TogetherMade, Rite in the Rain, and NYT best selling author and bushcraft expert Dave Canterbury (@pathfinder). 

The first project in the Pathfinder Collection is the Pathfinder Journal Kit.  This DIY Kit yields an heirloom quality journal cover that targets field use and navigation as it’s primary purpose.  The rear of the journal cover is a functional sun compass that allows you to use just the journal, sunlight and the time of day to orient and navigate.  This kit is available for pre-order NOW on www.selfrelianceoutfitters.com at an introductory price of $99.95.  This is a very limited run and I expect the remaining pre-order units will be sold out by end of this week. 

Dave made a great video of the full construction of the kit for his YouTube (Dave Canterbury).  I've started this clip halfway in where Dave talks about what we're doing together here...

The Pathfinder Journal Kits will be also available here on www.togethermade.com in limited quantities after the pre-orders are done.  If you want one for XMAS, jump on the pre-orders ASAP...

Dave and I had a lot of fun designing this kit and we are working on additional products together so stay tuned - this collection will be growing soon!  Sign up for our email list and follow us both on Instagram @togethermade & @pathfinder to see what's next in the Pathfinder collection